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case study

Design of a 24M Fish Farm workboat

About project

Design and preliminary engineering of a versatile 24M workboat intended for Fish Farm operations, capable of carrying heavy deck loads, as well as serving as a powerful lifting platform with its two high-capacity knuckle boom cranes.

Just shy of 24m, this fish farm workboat revolves around its large working deck and its 70 Metric Ton cargo carrying capacity to take on multiple roles during the various phases of the tuna fish farming seasons.

Fish Farm Workboat
26.4M (Rule length <24m)
12 Knts
Steel / Aluminium
Sleeping accommodation up 6 -7 crew
Cargo Capacity:
70 Ton cargo capacity on deck and in holds
2 x 450bkw Diesel Direct
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The open deck is equipped with two 22Tm heavy duty cranes, for offloading of fish feed as well as handling fish farming equipment stowed on board. Two holds, accessible from the main deck, can be utilised to store additional cargo as well as allow for future conversion of the platform. Additionally, the vessel provides a platform for support related activities, for divers, fish farm maintenance, and fish oil recovery.

The vessel is equipped with an aft situated accommodation to sleep up to 7 crew members and provide permanent living facilities for offshore operations within local waters. Crew comfort and ease of operations are central to the design with the central working deck providing optimal visuals from the wheelhouse.

The vessel is powered by two powerful 449bkW engines and onboard power supplied by two equally capable 188kW generator sets. Her CFD optimized hull ensures maximum efficiency despite her high deadweight carrying capacity.