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case study

Design of a 15M Fish Farm Support vessel

About project

Initial and Preliminary Design of a 15M fish farm and utility vessel, intended for operations within coastal fish farms.

The design of a compact catamaran Fish Farm support vessel for ease of navigation between the fish farms and to provide a stable platform while at sea. The design revolves around a versatile 50m2 aft deck, allowing for multipurpose use in carrying maintenance equipment, serving as a base for divers, as well as to allow for fish oil recovery operations.

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Fish Farm Catamaran Workboat
Build :
Full Steel
6p crew seating and 2p crew resting area
Deck Capacity:
40m2 deck – 10 Ton max. deck load
2 x 350bkw Diesel Direct
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She is equipped with a single 5.8Tm deck crane, but due to the catamaran platform can be configured with a larger or multiple cranes if desired.

The Interior air-conditioned accommodation is limited to the main deck, with an open wheelhouse with crew seating and a separate resting area as well as multiple functional spaces and stores. The lower deck is dedicated to the main machinery, tankage and running equipment as well as overflow storage space.

The robust full steel build ensures resistance to damage from fish farm netting and other vessels when alongside and ensures an economic build. The vessel can be powered by a wide range of engines depending on the speed and performance requests of the client in question, with maximum speeds of up to 12 knots possible.