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case study

Design and Engineering of a 24M Tuna Live Fish Carrier

About project

Design, preliminary and detailed engineering of a 24M live fish carrier intended for transporting baby tuna fish, provided with a versatile main deck for heavy deck loads, as well as serving as a powerful lifting platform with its two high-capacity knuckle boom cranes.

A highly versatile vessel intended for Mediterranean operations all year round with optimal manning levels, high automation and unparalleled comfort in this segment.

Live Fish Carrier / Workboat
26.4M (Rule length <24m)
12 Knts
Steel / Aluminium
6p crew - MLC Compliant Sleeping accommodation
Cargo Carrying Capacity:
70 Ton cargo capacity on deck, 120m3 holds
2 x 450bkw Diesel Direct
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The sub-24M multi-purpose platform is intended to transport live baby tuna across European waters as well as function as a capable workboat with her large deck and 70T load carrying capacity. The design is extremely versatile yet falls under the 24-metre length threshold and intended to be operated safely with five crew on international voyages thanks to the high level of automation, ergonomic design, and MLC 2006 compliant accommodation spaces. 

The open deck is equipped with two 22Tm heavy duty cranes, for offloading of deck items as well as transferring of live fish overboard. A total of four holds, accessible from the main deck through deck hatches, store the precious live fish cargo, and are provided with advanced filtration and circulation systems to ensure optimal fish health during the long passages. Additionally, the vessel is multifunctional in its ability to tow fish pens as well as carry fish feed for eventual fish farm support activities.

The vessel is equipped with an aft positioned accommodation to sleep up to 6 crew members in full MLC 2006 compliance, allowing for international voyages, and providing the required sanitary and mess facilities for the long offshore permanence’s onboard.

The vessel is powered by two powerful 449bkW engines and onboard power supplied by two equally capable 188kW generator sets. Her CFD optimized hull ensures maximum efficiency and comfort despite her high deadweight carrying capacity.