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case study

CFD – 90 m Superyacht Hull Design Optimisation

About project

Hydrodynamic optimisation of the bulbous bow and stern arrangement of a motor superyacht.

Hull design optimisation using state of the art techniques allowed builders and designers to minimise tank testing time by literally streamlining the whole process.

Concept definition and Exterior Styling, Preliminary vessel performance, Realistic visualizations

Motor Yacht
~ 90M
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For this project, the client has requested NAS to carry out a hull design and bulbous bow design optimisation process together with the optimal alignment of the appendages to minimise resistance and power requirements of the superyacht. State-of-the-art technology and CFD techniques were used to carry out the performance predictions of the design variants within a limited time frame. Multiple bulbous bow designs and stern shapes were investigated and analysed. Once the best hull design candidate was identified, a speed-power curve was produced to understand the power requirements of the vessel.