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5-Yearly Inspection & Certification of Free-fall lifeboat, Rescue boat and Launching Appliances

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The 5-yearly inspection and certification of an Oil Tanker’s free-fall lifeboat, rescue boat and their launching appliances is completed by two Class-approved service engineers in line with the applicable SOLAS requirements.

The inspection and certification of lifeboats, rescue-boats and their respective launching appliances is carried out in line with the latest IMO and SOLAS requirements i.e. MSC.402(96) and is part of the ship’s safety survey requirements. 

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The service and inspection scope incorporates a thorough inspection of the equipment, operational testing together with load testing completed using specialist water weights and calibrated load cells to ensure safety of the crew and safeguarding of the equipment. 

Our class and maker approved service engineers attend on-board the vessel for the inspection and testing, issuing the relevant service reports and certificates upon successful completion of the service. The service engineers may also address technical issues on-board completing part replacement as part of routine maintenance of the equipment, fault finding and repairs for the re-instatement of the equipment in line with manufacturer recommendations and SOLAS requirements.