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We Value Trust

Ships, yachts and marine assets in general hold significant financial value and operate in tough economic and physical environments. They are responsible for the safe carriage of passengers, crew and cargo whilst working against tight schedules in a truly dynamic risk setting. A survey may vary in scope but in every case demands a rigorous assessment against National or International Standards, Codes, Regulations and maritime Conventions. Surveying therefore requires an eye for detail supported by in depth knowledge of marine regulations, industry practices, engineering and navigation. All NAS surveyors hold the highest level of academic qualifications and follow continuous training and professional development in what is a rapidly evolving technological and regulatory landscape.

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Survey & certification

Yacht Coding and Statutory Certification

NAS and its surveyors hold delegation from the most reputable maritime administrations, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive service. We also work closely with major classification societies to ensure our common objectives are met in the interest of the end client.

We provide statutory services in:


We are leaders in the sector, regularly engaging on Coding assessments and periodical surveys on board yachts of any size. Our surveys include a comprehensive assessment ranging from Code requirements in terms of construction, watertight integrity and stability to operational aspects such as manning and MLC compliance.

Non-Convention Vessels

Vessels of sub-SOLAS size, operating domestically or on specialist trades not catered for by IMO Instruments are on the increase. Our surveyors are highly trained in the application of specialist Codes such as the Malta non-Convention Vessel Code, which provide a suitable certification alternative. Vessels successfully certified and in operation under our survey include: Fish-farm support vessels, Conveyance boats, Utility Vessels, Hopper barges, Crane barges and domestic passenger vessels

Featured Project
Initial Coding Surveys of 55 metre motor yacht

Pre-Coding and Initial Surveys for and on behalf of Malta flag for a 988 GT yacht

Flag Surveys
survey & certification

Specialist Survey & Certification Services

Whether you are a bank, underwriter, or owner, we understand that important business decisions require a clear frame of mind as well as a clear overall picture. Valuations and monetary projections stemming from a technical perspective therefore require a superior level of trust if they are to be relied upon. We strive to ensure clarity and impartiality towards developing long term relationships by offering dependable insight into your marine assets.

We have the inhouse capabilities to provide:

Valuation and Risk Assessment

Marine valuations vary in scope and complexity and may include the assessment of uniquely engineered assets of substantial value. We use our experience, in-house knowledge and reference databases to provide a clear and unbiased valuation of various ships, yachts and other marine assets. Valuation methods and detail extent differ depending on the client requirements and range from a desktop valuation to a detailed analysis using comparative methods, market depreciation and projected income methods. In each case the recommended approach to be adopted is outlined and so are the relative considerations the case may merit. The valuation produced is generally supported by a market profile assessment and depending on the case we may also factor in aspects concerning operational costs, upgrades and refits that the ship or yacht may require. Thus, allowing where required, for fair market, forced sale and replacement values to be determined in a secure and documented manner.

Incident/Damage Evaluation

Engineering assessment and evaluations following marine incidents. These range from damage assessment to machinery, diagnostic support and hull damage and repair assessments.

Condition Surveys & Pre-purchase Surveys

Detailed ad hoc condition evaluation surveys include a general assessment of the condition and inventory of a vessel, thorough testing of all main and auxiliary systems, sea trials and out of water survey. Our reports detail all findings and rank their severity in a clear and unambiguous manner.

New build & dry-dock supervision

During the new build of both commercial as well as yacht projects, we can provide the technical support and advice required in assisting the owner’s team in managing the project. Our objective throughout the process being that of ensuring that project progress and quality match the contract specification.

Featured Project
New build Aluminium passenger ferries

Build and commissioning supervision of four passenger ferries intended for domestic navigation.

Specialist survey
survey & certification

Mechanical Gear

Our technicians routinely engage in the inspection and certification of lifting gear and shipboard launching appliances in compliance with SOLAS III/20.11 and the relevant guidelines established in Annex 1 to MSC.1/Circ. 1206. We hold approved service supplier certification by leading IACS members to perform both Annual and 5-Yearly Inspections & Certification and are approved manufacturer representatives to several leading makers. Our services include:

  • Lifting gear certification
  • Bunker hose testing and certification
  • Overboard trolley rails inspection

Lifting/Cargo gear Surveys

Our engineers are fully authorised to inspect and certify lifting gear, cargo gear and embarkation equipment in line with National, IMO and ILO requirements. We are also approved representatives and authorised service centre for Billy Pugh Co. Our certified engineers cover Malta and offshore Maltese Waters

Launching Appliances

In co-operation with our partners Tenme Co. of Piraeus we cover a vast range of davit and lifeboat makers and hold approvals by all major IACS members for the performance of the mandatory annual and five-yearly service, inspection and testing of LSA gear.

Featured Project
5-Yearly Inspection & Certification of Free-fall lifeboat, Rescue boat and Launching Appliances
Mechanical system certification
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