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We know that marine projects can be technically challenging and that quick fix solutions do not really exist, but we also recognise that success comes to those who dare to dream. Our ethos is of merging form and function as we truly believe a successful project is one that looks right and performs.

Our diverse expertise ensures we can guide you through the whole design process:

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01/ Initial Design

Conceptual Development. Understanding your needs

We make it a point to listen and learn, knowing very well that by doing so, we set solid foundations for any project. We strive to become a partner and provide the necessary guidance and advice to provide a solution that satisfies all parties involved. Ultimately, we aim to incorporate the clients’ requests while ensuring the technical feasibility of the proposal, through our extensive technical know-how.

The process of establishing the exterior design starts with an initial consultation followed subsequently by an attentive interactive process. The vessels design takes shape together with the arrangement and initial technical studies until a quantifiable concept is established.

We provide:

Concept definition and Exterior Styling

Translating our clients’ desires into a functional platform enveloped within a captivating exterior design. We provide exterior sketches, 3D design models and detailed sketches to help define the concept.

Preliminary vessel performance

As part of defining the functional platform, we can incorporate our extensive naval architectural know how, to provide initial powering and stability input, ensuring that the concept designed will stay true to its philosophy through to the build.

Realistic visualizations

Whether a full vessel or a small detail, we can realistically visualize the finished effect to our clients. This can help in better understanding the design as well as be used as an effective sales tool.

Featured Projects
40M EVO – Liveaboard Yacht Design

Exterior and Initial design of a 40M, 400GT liveaboard yacht, designed to provide unrivalled interior space within a compact footprint.

Super Yachts
90M – RORO Passenger Ferry

Design and Propulsion study of an 90M interisland double-ended RORO Ferry

Commercial vessels
Design of a 32M Catamaran – Passenger Commuter ferry

Design and Operational study of a 32M intercoastal High speed commuter ferry for the Maltese archipelago.

Specialist vessels
03/ Detailed Design

Detailed Design and
Marine Engineering

We take going into detail seriously, knowing very well how a thorough, well-thought process at this stage is key to a superior final product. To ensure our quality standard is consistent and follows a continuous improvement approach, we implement an ISO qualified procedure covering all the disciplines of our marine design spiral. This allows us to adapt our streams of expertise (hyperlink to Engineering) to various marine projects

Structural Design

We cover the initial structural design for Class approval up to the production of assembly, construction and working drawings for yard use. The entirety of this process is implemented into our CADMATIC Marine Design software package, providing a detailed 3D model of the vessel structure and components. The output is a highly detailed design package which can be handed over to a shipyard for production.

  • Structural Drawings
  • Finite Element Simulations
  • Cutting Files and BOM

Systems Engineering

The core functioning of the vessel is dictated by their systems and its efficient and well thought design. Ventilation, Fire Fighting, Fuel Oil and Sanitary systems are among the systems we can design and engineer, making use of the latest CAD/CAM design suites and laser scanning technologies. Our experienced engineers can deliver a turn-key solution to the project and help to complete the project in efficient and time saving manner.

  • 3D onsite scanning and pipe routing
  • Piping diagrams & Arrangement drawings
  • Fabrication drawings & Bill of Materials

Mechanical engineering and Outfitting

Outfitting and Mechanical engineering forms a crucial stage to the engineering design of the vessel and integration with the various disciplines is critical to ensure feasibility of the proposals. This requires close interaction with third party suppliers as well as effective collaboration between the client and the design team itself.

  • Outfitting arrangements
  • Technical Machinery Arrangements
  • Shaft line and Engine arrangements
Featured Projects
24M – Floating Villa

The design of a floating villa, catered for sheltered water operations and part of an expandable tourism concept.

Super Yachts
37M – Landing Floating Establishment

Detailed design, optimisation and performance analyses of a floating establishment

Specialist vessels
Design and Engineering of a 14M – Oil Recovery Vessel

Design and Engineering of a 14.5M displacement Oil recovery vessel, with a versatile aft deck equipped with essential oil recovery equipment for first oil spill response.

Specialist vessels
Design and Engineering of a 24M Tuna Live Fish Carrier

Design, preliminary and detailed engineering of a 24M live fish carrier intended for transporting baby tuna fish, provided with a versatile main deck for heavy deck loads, as well as serving as a powerful lifting platform with its two high-capacity knuckle boom cranes.

Fish Farm Vessels
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